My Little Sweethearts

By: zatul iffah ahmat

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Thursday, 28-Jan-2010 09:03 Email | Share | | Bookmark
science & art

nurul's & amir's 1st science project
science & art of the Creator
nurul's 1st best drawing (acknowledge by mama ;)) )
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What to do : Try to find photos from previous year album to upload here )

Result : Too many photos and too many albums to choose from and I gave up finding

Therefore : These 4 photos came up unexpectedly... hmmmm

Thursday, 21-Jan-2010 01:12 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Been visiting my own page for quite sometime but don't have the time to update the page... owhhhh... time is sooo ever very precious nowadays and in futuredays too.... Since having our very own home and our very own life with every single thing to be done ourselves.... life has been sooo busy, lively, even more meaningful... Not that we had a boring life before (a bit la coz I am quite a boring person )..., only that we used to rely on the grandparents coz we live together before ... & sometimes we took things for granted like "takpe mak ngan abah kan ada"... heheheh tak baik kan... tapi great thanks to mak & abah.. what'd we do without u
We still send our kids to their grands' place while we go to work tho. Nurul goes to Tadika Baitul Sofia @ tmn sri tebrau near to my parents' place & we plan to enroll her in SKST for her primary school... dekat rumah atok nenek jugak
Alas... I love going to Taman Sentosa every day
memang manja aku ni agaknye
Ok laaa... will upload some photos here in this post later... hmmm soon. I miss uploading photos hehehe
*even my fb is backdated .... duhhh

for this post i uploaded... THE PHOTO OF MY LITTLE DARLINGS ONLY

Friday, 10-Jul-2009 15:45 Email | Share | | Bookmark
nurul & amir's new baby brother ~ haidir :)

ello everybody!
ish.. silau..
amir berpura-pura menjaga adik ;)
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Name: Muhammad Haidir bin Md Haizat
D.O.B.: 10th July 2009
Weight: 3.7 kg
Height: 51 cm
Time: 3.45 pm
Venue: HSI, JB


Wednesday, 25-Mar-2009 02:15 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Dear Amir ~ as he grows :)

amir 10 mth collage
amir tiggr collage
amir ustaz collage
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Amir sedang men"cutie pie"
Age : 10 mth old
New discovery :
* 2 front teeth "Dale" (as in Chip 'n Dale)
* pandai panjat & turun tangga
* pandai betulkan radio ayah ??!! hmmm...

Amir sedang men"tiggr"kan diri (??!!)
Age : 10 mth old
New discovery:
* boleh berjalan satu dua tapak
* pandai rebut barang dgn kakak

Amir anak yang soleh (Aminnn...)
Age : 10 mth old
New discovery:
* pandai mengaji (heheh.. acah jek )

Amir discovers Tok Ki house's new look
Age : 15 mth old
New discovery:
* pandai kayuh basikal sikit2
* terrer naik turun bukit depan rumah atok (aiyoh! )

Amir @ our new home
Age : 18 mth old
New discovery:
* pandai ajak pegi playground
* pandai main2 kat playground
* pandai buat permainan sendiri (hmmm.. ??)

Amir in Mar 2009
Age : 22 mth old
New discovery:
* sudah "macho"
* sudah bertambah terrer bermacam2
* sudah pandai sayang perut mama

Sunday, 1-Mar-2009 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Chi Cha's Wedding

hantaran dari pihak lelaki
balasan dari pihak perempuan
aku terima nikahnya....
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Bride : Siti Mazrah binti Ahmat
BrideGroom : Rahimi bin Mohamed Said
Date : 01st March 2009
Venue : Masjid Pasir Pelangi, Johor Bahru
Reception : On the same date @ Dewan Raya Kg Bakar Batu, Johor Bahru

Pictures courtesy of Ajah's hired cameraman


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